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This Craft Nation

Sep 16, 2019

At Farm Aid's 2018 Farm Advocate event, On the Road to Resilience, we were fortunate to talk with Savi Horne, Executive Director of the Land Loss Prevention Project  founded in 1982 by the North Carolina Association of Black Lawyers to curtail epidemic losses of Black owned land in North Carolina.  Savi put many things into perspective, and helped us understand the severity of systemic discrimination; then and now.

Joe Schroeder was the in-house Farm Advocate for Farm Aid, overseeing the hotline and working to connect farmers to the resources and organizations that could help.  Like Savi, Joe is straight and to the point; explaining several origins of farm crisis, and how the situation today is similar and different from the crisis of the eighties.  We recently learned that Joe has since gone on to work with farmers in another way.  Farm Aid wishes him well and continues to work with the passion Joe did to bring new farm advocates to the movement.