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This Craft Nation

May 28, 2020

Kyle and Fred get a solid night of farmhouse-quality sleep in upstate New York, and enjoy a heartfelt conversation with Deanna Fox,  a food writer, teacher and a kind, supportive voice towards compelling stories and quality-driven, mindfully sourced, food and drink.

May 13, 2020

Fred and Kyle talk about the world of beer with John Holl, Co-founder and editor of Beer Edge and host of the Drink Beer, Think Beer podcast, over morning beers at Departed Soles brewery in Jersey City, New Jersey

May 6, 2020

Roger Sadowsky leads Fred and Kyle on a tour of Sadowsky Guitars in a warehouse building in Long Island, NY.  Roger is a world-renown maker, and he generously shares how his approach and methods developed over the years, including the impact of working with clients like Marcus Miller and Will Lee early in...