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This Craft Nation

Aug 21, 2017

TCN8 features Juan F. Thompson, Author & son of Hunter S. Thompson.  It’s our last content from GonzoFest 2017 -- the literary and music festival celebrating the work of Hunter, in Louisville, KY. While this was a significant milepost for our trip, and we’ve enjoyed sharing this content first - it’s actually a bit of a departure from the rest of our interviews.   When we heard they’d lined up an interview with Juan, we were excited, but I was also a little anxious.  I didn’t really know his story, and hadn’t read his book.  I took a deep breath and focused on a bit of an internal conversation. A little threadbare from the trip, I was also pretty into the interview groove, having just conducted just under twenty interviews in the thirteen days prior.  I thought aloud, “we’re going to count on the air of curiosity.”  Kyle and I joined up with Juan after his panel discussion in the Louisville Free Library, and headed to the basement for a chat, which included our new friend Lara from LEO Weekly.  Here’s Juan

Stories I Tell Myself - Juan F. Thompson