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This Craft Nation

Oct 19, 2017

Kyle and I got together with Kristen and Brian for lunch during our stop in Los Angeles. We were mere hours off of our 28 hour overnight train ride from San Antonio to LA on the Texas Eagle.  We were a little blinky-eyed, but well-coffeed as we got to the restaurant, ordered food and scouted tables. I setup the wireless microphones, anxiously hoping the hustling restaurant setting would provide some cool, contextual din of ambience to complement our conversation. What can I say, I’m an optimist. That didn’t happen. There was no way were going to make it work. The table’s were packed in tight, the restaurant was full, with a line snaking towards the door, and my headphones revealed the chaos as anything but productive. Thankfully, we realized that Brian and Kristen were coming to Michigan to visit Red Horse Ranch in June, adjacent to a secret awards ceremony in Chicago, that Kristen was not yet allowed to reveal. We made the call to postpone, and I let out semi-exhausted sigh of relief. We enjoyed our lunch and time with Kristen, Brian and their son Max. This conversation took place in my dining room, a couple of months later.